Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stupid Drama, please go away.

So there's this girl on my track team who thinks I ate her whole box of cheez its, which I didnt.I will admit I took a handful and ate the crumbs, but everyone else ate a hell of alot more than I did. So now she goes on her facebook status and puts that 'I love everybody on our track team except (my name)'s hungry ass. Im like, calm down, it's just food, go to the grocery store and buy a new box you fat ass. I was upset at first, but who cares, shes in 7th grade (we have three months of school left) it's not a big deal.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I hate this so much...

My life is really sucky right now.
Im losing all my friends, they keep moving away. (I love you Olivia!)
Im moving, I'll still be at the same school, but Im leaving my house for a tiny townhouse.
Then I lost my favorite coat at school.
I feel sick, hungry, heartbroken.
I dont like this feeling at all.
I hate this so, so much.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Im sorry,

I haven't been on a long time.
I have joined my schools track team and I have been way to lazy to get one and update.
But from now on, I'll update as often as I can, with the most interesting posts.
I ran the 100 m in 14.16 seconds. I came in first[out of 6 people], Im so proud.
*Follow me please.*

This is amazing and so pretty: