Saturday, August 11, 2012

Naughty Bucket List (NSFW)

I was watching episodes of the talk show Bethenny on Youtube and one episode really stuck to me. Bethenny went around her audience asking what was on everyone's "sex bucket list" so obviously I had to come here and create my own.

Now you all already know that I'm abstinent, but when the time comes, I have this list to look back on.

image: imagerymajestic/ 
Sex Outdoors. Specifically in broad daylight. That's as kinky as I'll go.

image: imagerymajestic/ 
Bath Tub/Shower Sex. This one is self explanatory, who doesn't fantasize about sex in the tub or shower? I'd love to have sex in the shower but a tub works too. I'm also not opposed to just taking a shower together.

image: farconville/
Wild Sex Positions. I'm not talking about "69." I'm talking The X Factor, The Scorpion, Seated Wheelbarrow, etc. Anything that looks freaky and hits the right spot all at the same time.

image: YaiSirichaii/ 
In Sexy Lingerie. So this one isn't wild or exciting but it is something that's pretty high on my list. I can just see it now...hubby comes home from work looking for me only to find me waiting on the bed wearing sexy lingerie and stilettos.

image: BJWOK/ 
Lesbian Sex. Another one that's pretty self explanatory but I'm curious like many girls my age and lesbian sex is definitely on my sex bucket list. Sounds amazing and fun, so why not?

image: Stuart Miles/ 
Sex Using Food. Pouring syrup on each other? Yes please. Licking whipped cream off each other? Yes please. Caramel? Yes please. Ice Cream? Yes please. Chocolate? Yes please. Did I miss anything? Nope.

Image: / David Castillo Dominici
Spanked in Bed. Need I say more?

There's a whole lot more to be added to this list but I'll save that for another post. What's on your naughty bucket list? 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Newspaper Bird Art Tutorial

As promised, here is a very short tutorial for the newspaper bird art that I featured in one of my past posts.

I had a credit left on so I decided I might as well use it on something. Then I found this confetti, perfectly shaped to match my bird/nature theme, and I had to buy it! It was only about $2.50, I cant remember the exact amount. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but finally settled on this.

What you need:
-Double sided tape
-Bird confetti (see below)
-Picture frame
-Copy paper

Bought this on, but you can also purchase something very similar on

Basically all I did was take a sheet of paper, cut it to fit the frame (mine was 5 x 7) and then start lining them up. I used double sided tape to stick each separate bird on.

Then at the very end, as you can see in the first picture, I took a bird, traced it, cut it out, then using a yellow marker fill it in to make one accent yellow bird. You could really place it anywhere you wanted and fill it in with whatever color you want.

Put it in your frame and you're done! I know my tutorial doesn't have very many pictures but it's super easy so this should be helpful enough.