Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's All Coming Together

I know it's been long, too long, since my last post but hopefully this post will make up for it. Feel free to share in my excitement when I say...

The day has finally come that I can start buying/making things for my dream room!

Remember all those posts I made about getting my first bedroom, having a place I can call my own, feeling safe in my own room, etc. Well I can now stop dreaming about it and instead start living that dream.

I'm literally smiling as i write this post, but can you blame me? This is the first time in my entire 16 years of life when I can actually say I have my own room and have friends spend the night. 

Take a look at what I've got so far.

DIY Bird Silhouette Art. I created these by printing pictures online and putting them in these frames that I bought. I originally got this idea from Live Love DIY. If you want to create your own, just google "free printable bird silhouettes" and get to printing. The frames came in a pack of three for $6.99 at TJMaxx. Great deal or what?

DIY Newspaper Bird Art. This was made using confetti, which I bought on Copious, but you can also purchase something similar on Etsy. There will be a tutorial for this up soon.

Frames. I purchased this picture frame set at TJMaxx for $6.99. This will be great for putting pictures of my friends, pets, whatever. I'll be sure to update when they are filled.

Pillows. These two pillow cases I made using fabric that I purchased on Amazon. The yellow one here, and the blue/gray one here. I only purchased one yard of each and made two pillows of the blue/gray and one of the yellow with a lot of fabric left over from both. Obviously these aren't stuffed yet but you'll see them wrinkle free and stuffed hopefully soon.

Also I wanted to show you my new room design plan. It was originally going to be blue, purple, white, and black themed but I realized that color scheme just isn't "me" so I changed it to this:

credit: scadet on polyvore
Yellow, blue, gray, and white. This color scheme I am truly in love with. Everything about it is pure perfection. I love the hints of "glamour", the natural element, the patterns, just everything! This is exactly what I want for my room. I also love the bird/nature theme, which I decided to do as well.

I still have major purchases that I need to make. Nightstands, lamps, lamp remotes (I'll explain later), bedding, a headboard, and a dresser.

Hopefully you like bedroom makeovers/decor stuff because there's going to be a lot of that going on these next few months.