Monday, May 31, 2010

"I've had the time of our lives..."

My weekend was amazing.
I went shopping with Sabrina*(best friend who kissed Derek).
Then I went over to Eva's house and spent the night.
It was a really good, second and third day of summer.
Considering that I stayed home on the first.

Well, now I'm back on my want for money.
I'm going to a water park and the pool soon, and I still don't have a swimsuit.
(P.S. When I went shopping, I mean we went to the mall, not actually shopping with Sabrina.)
I'll update again later. Bye!

*Sabrina isn't her real name, you know how I feel about that.
**Post title is the song "(Ive Had) the Time of Our Lives"- by Bill Medley

Friday, May 28, 2010


As promised, in my "Summer" post, I have to tell you about Eva*, and our friendship.

We met in 4th grade. It was about 2 weeks into the school year when she came along.
I didn't really like her, in fact, I hated her. And one day I gave her an invitation to a party that I was having and she literally handed back the invitation and said she didn't want to go. You can imagine that I hated her much more after that.
Then 5th grade came along. We discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood, she lived just down the street!
I went over her house almost everyday that summer.
That's how we became best friends.
All through out middle school we had our ups and downs.
6th grade we didn't talk for a whole month. That's a while for best friends.
7th grade we grew so close, we even went to the beach together.
8th grade...Eva did some things. Everyone called her a whore, and she chose a guy over our friendship. It wasn't til' the last 2 months of school when she stopped her unclassy behavior and we became friends again.
9th grade was an amazing year for our friendship. We got along great and did everything together.
Now, more mature and more prepared, we are closer than ever and I love her!

*Her real name isn't Eva, but I don't want to put her real name on here.

Finally free!

Yesterday was the last day of school!

I feel so free, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Well not really, I'm not old enough for that yet. Hah.
Anyway, my plans for the summer already include hanging out with 7 of my closest friends. I love them.
The last day of school was exciting! I got on the bus to go home and literally had a grin on my face. Everyone seemed to be sad, but I'm not too sad, I'll still see my friends.

As for exams, I took the Language exam but I have no idea what my grade was. I made a 93 in Math, an 81 in Social Studies, and a 78 in Science. Overall, Im pretty proud of myself.

Goodbye school. Hello Summer!

Monday, May 24, 2010

3 days.

Only three days left until school is out.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!

So today we had Science exams. I made a 78! What is this?
I studied and everything. I thought I was doing good!
Also today we got our yearbooks!
I got a ton of people to sign I even reserved some pages for some of my close friends to sign. God, I love them.
I got a lot of: "you're amazing and beautiful"s
That kind of stuff is what makes me love people. <3
Anyway, tomorrow we have math exams.
Ugh, hate exams. Well, who doesn't really?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"You've left me speechless..."

Speechless by Lady Gaga is my new favorite song.
I just thought I'd share.
If you havent listened to it yet you are crazy and missing out.
Listen to the whole song, otherwise, you'll find it pretty strange.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally, a conversation.

I told myself that I wouldn't post more than two or three times in a week. But I HAD to post today!

It's about Derek.(remember our talk about the nickname).
Today, at school, we talked. About me liking him, and him making out with my best friend.
He said that he didn't like her and that he wouldn't go out with her. Then I told him that I felt bad for her because she thinks he is in love with her. I told him that he should tell her, because she cant just go around thinking that.
Then the conversation turned to me, and how i liked him. Apparently I was "obsessed" with him. According to Derek one day I am going to have a boyfriend and become so obsessed with him that I wont stop calling him, and texting him and he will end up breaking up with me. Really? Because I rarely talk to Derek.Maybe that's why he never wanted me, he thought I was obsessed with him? I mean, my best friend that he made out with isn't even prettier than me, plus she's not what I'd call "skinny", haha. So that has to be the only reason why he would kiss her and not me. Right?
For the most part, I really enjoyed having a conversation with him. Thats all Ive ever wanted. No matter how pathetic it sounds.

, we will have to get back to this, this post is getting to be too long. Bye girls!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


For sure there has to be a topic about summer.
And before I begin, aren't you so proud of me? I updated twice in one day!

This summer has to be amazing. To accomplish that goal I have to go to the beach with my best friend, Eva. I'll have to do a whole other post about her and our friendship over the years. Anyway, we went to the beach last summer and had a horrible time!
So this summer we plan on redoing that and having the time of our lives! It'll be fun.
Chilling at the pool, laying out by the ocean, meeting guys who are all types of hot.
Eating the best food, staying up till we get bags under our eyes, sneaking out every night, just to giggle and get that rush of adrenaline for doing something so fun!
When we go, I'll take pictures of the condo, beach, us in our cute bikinis, and anything else imaginable.
I'll post some too.
We can talk more about this when Eva and I have it more planned out.
Cant wait!
Summer 2010 will be amazing.


Remember that guy that Ive been crushing on? Well, I decided to finally go ahead and tell you about him:
His name is Marlon, he's athletic (plays Basketball, Football, and runs Track for our school and the summer track program.), nice, funny, hot, and well...he even dresses really good. He has the most gorgeous smile you will ever see. Every time he flashes that smile, a little part inside of me melts. And his body.Don't even get me started. In one!
But Lately, he's been giving me a lot of mixed signals. I guess he hasn't really, but since I have liked him for 2 years now, to me he has. So every time he says anything to me, or smiles at me or waves to me...I freak out! I'll get my best friend and Ill tell her all about it.
He doesnt like me. If he did he would have asked me out when he figured out I liked him last year. It sucks really.
Then,last week on Thursday, he made out with my best friend. She didn't even tell me. She tried to keep it a secret but everyone was talking about it. Of course I figured out. So yesterday I confronted her and told her that I was pissed. One, she didn't even bother to tell me, and two, she made out with Marlon. After a long fight about it all, she apologized and we made up.
Now, I know it's stupid to get mad about it, but you have NO IDEA how much I like him.I know it isn't meant to be, but it's just so hard to accept it.

I'll probably update a lot about him, so from now on we'll call him "Derek". (Hence the post title) Because in case, for some weird reason, he ever comes across this site, I don't want his name to catch his attention. I wouldn't want him reading all of this.
*I'll go back and tag all the other posts that mention Derek.*

Sunday, May 02, 2010

My hair journey - Part two.

Since the first post about Dr.Miracles hair products, I have been using the oil. It has worked quite nicely, as it has helped the growth in the temple and nape area and has noticeably stopped breakage. Also my hair is softer and shinier. I stopped using it last week and the week before because I got lazy. But I am back to using it and am excited to keep seeing results.

I would post pics, but I will do that at the VERY end of my journey. So stay tuned for that.

I love this product so much, I could do without the awful smell and the oiliness, but the results make up for it. :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Im back!

Im so happy to see you guys again!
Here's just a few updates:
1. Ive been in alot of drama with some girl in my school, and how she is trying to steal my guy. But we made up and I no longer like him. And I like it that way.

2.Track season is over. We went to Metro and placed second! Im so proud. And I have gotten 5 metals this track season, along with most joyous player. Which means, I was one of the coach's favorite people on the team! I also got on the school top ten, number three and four (three-400 meter dash, four-4x100 relay). Im so happy and proud of myself.

Im really liking my life right now, but some things I would change.