Friday, February 24, 2012


Time for another week of Bring Your Own Crazy, as always, brought to us by the always amazing Just Me, Drazil & Sheniqua.

This week the questions are extra crazy, so of course you know your girl had to jump in and get on this!

Image: Marcol
If you were going to scratch your ass in public, which cheek would you start with?

This question...oh goodness. I would scratch whichever cheek was farthest away from visibility. I don't need everybody all in my business...or in this case, my ass.

Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system
If you were a fashion designer, what's the first item of clothing you'd design for yourself and why.
I would probably design a pair of shoes for myself. Never in my entire life has a shoe fit me exactly the way I'd like nor does any shoe fit my wide, flat footed self perfectly. I also think designers are getting more and more cookie cutter and it's hard to find a cute, unique pair of shoes thats different from what everyone else is wearing.

Words Cloud 16/01- 22/02 2009
photo: / grwitters
Turn to your family or anyone next to you and ask them to describe you in 5 words and listen to their answers.

There's no one around me and I'm not about to go all the way downstairs to ask my sister so I'll just list a few of the words people have used to describe me in the past:

Strong (my friend Eva told me this recently)

I'm only answering three out of the four questions today so hasta la vista!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project: New Wardrobe

Lately I have been obsessed with getting a new wardrobe for my junior year in highschool and starting fresh with my style.

I've always been into fashion--since the seventh grade--but I could never afford the clothing that I wanted to achieve my own personal style. So this time I'm planning it all out and being smart about it.

I'm thrifting all my old clothes that I no longer wear/like and the wearable, stylish clothing will be sold to Plato's Closet. In case you're wondering why I'm getting rid of my cute clothes, it's because I really want to start fresh. Meaning, if it's been worn dozens of times, it needs to go!

I'm hoping that the clothes I sell to Plato's Closet will be enough for me to add to my bank account and save up for a shopping spree. 

I've made a lot of progress already. I've sorted through my closet and now all that's in there is 66 clothing items that include basics, jeans, shorts, cardigans, shirts, blouses and skirts. It may sound like a lot but it really isn't. Most aren't appropriate for school.

The last thing I have done is bought new clothes to replace all my old ones that I'm getting rid of. A.K.A., a shopping spree.

Here's what I got:

(pictures removed due to copy right, this will be updated by August 10th with new pics)

These were all ordered from I had an amazing experience ordering. I ordered on Saturday and it arrived on the following Tuesday! Can you believe it came from Hong Kong that quick?

I plan to make another large order from them over the summer when their Spring/Summer clothing is available. For now, I'm going to keep saving up to my goal for a new wardrobe for my junior year.