Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Pick a different celebrity that you would: kiss, have sex with, marry, and date. 

I would kiss Shemar Moore. We've already been dating for so long that it's not a big deal anymore...
Bradley Cooper would be the one I would have sex with. I think the most amazing thing would be to stare at his eyes when we're that close. They are amazing!
Obviously I would have to marry Ryan Reynolds, he seems like such a  nice guy and I bet he has an amazing personality.

For whatever reason I would love to date Daniel Craig, I have a thing for the older guys and he is right up my alley! Isn't he gorgeous?

Well, that's all for the 30 day challenge. I had a lot of fun and hope to do one again this summer--a successful one of course. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Five goals in your life.
Image: / David Castillo Dominici
Become a Social Worker.

Image: / vichie81
Get married and stay married. I don't want a divorce ever in my life, but then again who does?

Image: / imagerymajestic
Have a couple children. By a couple, I really just mean one...

Image: / Suat Eman

Own my own home and be able to afford it.

Image: / t0zz
Fall in love. Obviously I couldn't miss this one, I'm a hopeless romantic.

And this is just five of the millions of goals I have. Trust me, you'll be hearing more about them in future posts.

P.S. Sorry I missed these last few days! I'm catching up on all the missed posts now though.

Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 28

 Image: / Ambro
Something you're worrying about.

I don't feel like I can openly talk about this yet so I'll just briefly let you know.

I'm going to see a therapist in a week and a half.

I'm really nervous, anxious, and scared.

I'm embarrassed and ashamed to even say the admit I need help.

I haven't told anyone about this, only my sister, my mom and now you.

I have been feeling really bad this year and haven't been myself so I knew I had to sort out my feelings.

I hope I am just a little depressed and that I am not diagnosed with anything severe.

I'll let you know more once the day has come but right now I don't feel like I can say much.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 27

Image: / Victor Habbick

Do you believe in supernatural things?

Um, absolutely!

Have I never mentioned this on this blog?

I always knock on wood when I say something bad. Even at school.

If I'm sitting at my desk and I tell my friend that I'm going to fail the test tomorrow, I will literally knock on the wooden desk to make sure that nothing bad happens.

Also, I don't know how "supernatural" this is but I am big believer in karma. If I do something good, I believe that there will be something good in return for me, whether it is big or small, close or near. And of course the same for if I do something bad, there is something bad waiting for me around the corner.

I believe in God. To some people--who do not--that is supernatural. To me it's not since there is a God, for sure.

I also believe in ghosts. I think ghosts are spirits possibly left in purgatory. I don't think you can see ghosts but I do think they are there. If you do see a ghost, it's a miracle and there is a strong reason behind it, but other wise I don't believe you can physically see one.

I can remember anything else at the moment. For the most part, I am huge on supernatural things.

Blog Makeover!

Notice anything different?

I hope so!

Talking about my room makeover got me inspired to re-do my blog, and you won't be surprised to see that the color palette of my dream room is the new theme for my blog.

I absolutely love it! It's a lot easier to read, more soft and refreshing, it's so pretty now.

It actually showcases my personality rather than hiding it in the dark background. Just perfect.

I'll be playing around with it throughout the next few days but for now, here it is! I'm especially excited to work on the header.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

A picture.

Here is a Polyvore set I created to showcase my vision of the dream bedroom I will get started on in approximately five months when summer break begins!

I originally wanted a black and white room with purple accents but I've since changed my mind and now I'm thinking black, white, purple, and light blue.

It's just a lot easier (and more fun) to not be on such a strict color palette. With the the purple no longer being an accent and instead being a part of the color scheme, it's more of an effortless room rather than a picture-perfect-room-with-no-story. Also the added in light blue will add more femininity to the room as well as personality.

I've decided that I want to go thrifting for almost all the furniture. The nightstands, desk, headboard and a dresser. The bench I'll most likely buy at JCPenney.

Don't you think it would be more fun to sandpaper all the furniture and repaint it  all white or black? It make me feel like I was a huge part of my room and that I accomplished something.

I'll probably be recreating this set or making a new one so that I can better visualize this new concept.

P.S. I'm so excited, I'll be taking pictures and videos to show you just what I'm up to when it comes to my new room!

Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 25

Three more pet peeves.

Again, I hate these types of questions, but here we go again...

Image: / Victor Habbick
People eating my food. It's not yours so don't eat it!

Image: / nattavut

Open doors, open doors, open doors. I will say it again and again, leave the d@mn door closed!

Image: / graur razvan ionut
Pain. This is kind of weird to put on there but I really hate being in pain so I'm going to add it. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Image: / Grant Cochrane

A secret not even your best friends know.

Well um, most of my best friends/friends do not know that I have trashed my friend Sabrina anonymously online.

I said all these horrible things about how she is fat and ugly. Simply because I was mad at her for kissing Derek behind my back.

I kept attacking her on there until she got super defensive and quit.

I mean, she is fat and he's sexy so I went crazy saying that he probably was embarrassed about it and ashamed.

I'm a horrible person, I know. No need to remind me.

I never told her or anyone for that matter.

Later I felt really bad about it and almost wanted to confess, but I didn't.

I'll never tell anyone either. It's a really horrible thing to do.

And what's worse is that she suspected that it was me and when she asked I lied and told her it wasn't.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Five things you've been obsessed with lately.

Image: I do not know owner, nor do I own this image. 
Victoria's Secret. Pretty much anything related to that name. I just purchased the bikini top I mentioned on my last BYOC post and I am SO excited to have that sexy thing on me! I also bought another bikini top, it's a bright pink, polka dotted bikini top that I got on clearance for only $9.99 and it's push up! They had a Thanksgiving promo; free shipping on all U.S. orders (no limits!). Of course I took advantage, got both for only $60. Seriously...I cannot wait for them to get here.

Image: / stockimages
My camera. Remember how excited I was to get my Nikon Coolpix s3000 last year? Well, I'm still excited about it now! It takes great pictures and is really easy to work with. Getting macro shots is kind of a pain but I've gotten used to it and found other ways to make it work.
Swagbucks. What is it you may ask? Well is a GPT site that allows you to complete offers, play games, use their own search engine, and watch videos for points (but in their case they call the points "swagbucks") once you reach a certain amount of points you get to redeem them for a prize. I normally get Paypal giftcards. I've earned over $50 from this site and I plan on earning  more.

And no matter what anyone says, this is NOT a scam website. It actually works. How do you think I purchased that bikini I just mentioned? Through my earnings on Swagbucks.

Blog templates. I am currently looking for blog designs for my nail polish blog I have. I really like the one above but I am always on the hunt for something even better. This one is from who has premade templates, customs and free blog backgrounds. I want something as simple as this with accents. This one is perfect. Isn't it just gorgeous? I plan on purchasing in the next couple months.

(a rough sketch of my dream room)
A bedroom makeover. I actually share a room with my sister but soon they (my brother and sister) will be leaving for college and I will have a room to myself. Finally!

I have never in entire life had my own room. Whether we were in a condo, house, apartment, hotel motel...I always had to share a room with my sister.

So,of course, I am insanely excited to get my own room and also design it.

We rent a town-home so I can't go too crazy but since the walls are white I am basing the room around that. The bed frame, dresser and nightstands will be black. The bedspread/pillows will be black white and purple. There will be purple curtains, a white bench near the window (with purple pillows) and a black rug under the bench (this I'm still considering). Then I will have my computer along the side of one wall and my T.V. directly across from my bed on the dresser. I have a big walk in closet so there won't be a need for more than one dresser.

It's going to be beautiful and of course I will be taking pictures of everything and the process!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Something big going on in your life right now.

Right...because my life is so exciting. *sarcastic tone*

Well, what's kind of exciting is the success of my blog.

Image: / Stuart Miles

No, not this blog.

My nail blog. I posted a link to it a long time ago so if you can still find it, great. But I'm not posting it again.

I have a three digit number of followers (I will say...I have well over 800 followers.), over 100,000 page views and my posts get over 100 views in it's first week.

I get comments all the time on my posts about how I have inspired people and that I have given them motivation to do better on their nail art.

I'd say that is pretty big.

It makes me feel special, loved and admired.

Something I don't normally feel.

I really love all my readers and enjoy anything they tell me.

I am also getting nail polish collections and products to review on my blog and companies offer to host giveaways on my blog.

It's such an amazing feeling.

This is the most famous I will ever get. (;

Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 21

Dog or Cat?

Cat and Dog Cupcakes
Image: clevercupcakes /
Dog all the way.

This reminds me of last week when a girl in my class took out her phone and tried to show me "cute" pictures of her cat and I kind of stared at her weirdly.

Like..."am I supposed to think that's cute?"

She looked up after realizing that I wasn't going "Aw, so cute!!!" and asked me "what is wrong with you?"

I just laughed.

It was a cat, actually it was a kitten but I still didn't find it cute. Not that kitten a least. I do think kittens are adorable for the most part.

Whether they are full grown or puppies, dogs are just more adorable.

I love seeing dogs play or run, or both, or sneeze, or sleep. Just about anything. They are so cute!

My dog, Pepsi, is so cute no matter what he does. I just want to scoop him up (he's tiny) and cuddle with him.


P.S. Sorry for all the days I'm missing, I don't know why I keep forgetting these posts.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 20

Favorite candy, food, drink and restaurant.

You already know these are all going to be really unhealthy...

Image: sunshinecity /
My favorite candy of all time is a tie between Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. I've loved Skittles since I can remember and I used to always try to save the purple-brown ones for last. Sour Patch Kids I recently discovered a couple years ago but love as well.

Mmm...spicy shrimp and noodles
Image: jeffreyww /
Favorite food is Spicy Garlic Shrimp. I didn't even have to think about it. The first time I had eaten Spicy Garlic Shrimp was when I first moved here from Florida and my Aunt showed us around town. There was this one Chinese Buffet we went to and oh my goodness, the shrimp was amazing! As I grew up, I started to look at the signs at the buffet rather than the food and discovered that it was called Spicy Garlic Shrimp. Ever since that first bite, I've been in love.

Image: / Keattikorn
Years ago I would have said that Sprite was my favorite drink but now that I've given up soda (for the most part), I'm going to have to say plain ole water.

Image: / healingdream

Favorite restaurant is California Pizza Kitchen. It takes forever for the food to come but when it does...oh my gosh, so good. The crust is cooked to perfection and their flavor is so intense!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Something you recently did that you are not very proud of.

Wow, another one I will have to skip.

I honestly haven't done anything that I was not proud of. Not recently at least.


Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

fry mountain
Image: evelyngiggles /
Something you're craving.


No, I'm kidding, of course...

During health class this week, we've been talking about nutrition and exercise and also watching Supersize Me.

The entire time I was watching the movie I could not stop thinking about McDonald's.

They have my favorite fries of all time...greasy, soft, and DELICIOUS.

I also love their McChicken sandwich. Simple and also....delicious. I've really never ordered anything else from their menu. I guess I have when I was younger but not in the last six years.

I know it's horrible to be watching a movie on why not to eat fast foods (specifically McDonald's) and then wanting it as soon as possible.

But really, if I could have some McDonald's right now, that would be great.

They're deliciously unhealthy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Best thing you have ever done for someone.

This is actually a really hard one.

It's not that I never do anything good for anyone but I just can't think of anything worth writing about.

I've done nice things for people, but nothing that would make me some saint.

Just simple, small things.

I think this will be the first day of the challenge I will have to skip, sorry!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Just keep going.
Image: sweetonveg /
Something you recently did that you are very proud of.

Just this Monday tryouts for track started and I was very out of shape.

Basically, 100% not mentally or physically ready for it.

Our workout was three 200 meter dashes, simple enough right? Later in the year I'll look back and see how easy it was.

Anyway, I was really out of shape and I also haven't been eating enough or eating right. I was dehydrated and sleep deprived.

By the second 200 I felt really sick and thought I was going to pass out or throw up. I told my coach I wasn't feeling good and he told me to walk a lap instead.

After I walked a lap I joined the rest of the team and ran strides across the field. I was not about to give up that easily. I felt a lot better now that I had my breathing under control and wasn't feeling like I was about to throw up.

I quickly got my sh*t together after practice yesterday. I went shopping for more healthy eating/snacking options and caught up on my hydration--I drank a lot of water.

Then the next morning (this morning) I ate a lot of fruit (pineapples, bananas, cherries...) along with orange juice. I also ate all of my lunch at school instead of eating just snacks.

I also made sure to drink more water throughout the day.

At practice, I felt amazing. Yeah, I was sore and out of breath after 10 laps but I never felt sick or dizzy and it was super hot.

I'm very, very proud of myself. Not only for going back to complete those strides on Monday but also for treating my body better and doing what I knew I should have been doing all along--treating my body right.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

***30 Day Challenge: Day 15*** (last edited)

Two Best Friends In Love
Image: michi003 /
Your best and worst boyfriend or girlfriend.

I'm not too sure why I included this into the challenge since um...I've only had one "real" boyfriend and that was way back in seventh grade. Not to mention we were only together for a week.

I guess he would be my worst though. I think I have already mentioned this but when we broke up he quickly ran away, he didn't even want to talk about it.

Here's how it went down:

"I think we should break up..."

"Okay!" *he quickly runs away*

Um...did he not want to know why?

I broke up with him because I didn't like him. I was like...what, 13? I was young, desperate and horny.

Then, three years later (last year, 9th grade) he had the nerve to go around telling people that he dated my friend Sabrina instead of me!

What the hell?

Obviously that's a lie. He could never get Sabrina in the first place, or anyone decent for that matter.

It hurt my feelings at first but then I got over it. I;m not going to shed any tears for some pathetic middle school "boyfriend."

Douche bag, asshole, jerk. He's just everything in the book.

As for best boyfriend...I haven't gotten there yet. I was hoping Sean would be that for me, but I guess not.

Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Worst thing you've ever eaten.

Wow, narrowing it down to one will be tough. I could go on for years about all the horrible things I've eaten in my lifetime.

I'm just going to through out a simple one.

My school makes these disgusting hamburgers.

They soak them in water and oil and serve them on a bun. So gross.

Did I mention they are baked?

They don't taste cooked thoroughly and they look colorless--like flesh.

No exaggeration.

I want to throw up every time I see people eating them. They are nasty.

I've had one or two but I don't enjoy them. Normally I only get them if I am insanely hungry and there isn't anything better to eat (I had the last lunch period last year and the year before).

They have ruined hamburgers for me. The ones I see at fast food restaurants look delicious in the commercials but I imagine they taste like the soggy ones at school so I shy away from them.

Maybe someday I'll order a hamburger, but for now I'm just going to avoid even looking at one.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Three pet peeves.

I have way more than three pet peeves, but I'm happy to share with you my biggest ones.
First one that I mention all the time is when people leave doors open or cracked. Especially if it was closed when they came in, like...really? Close the damn door please.
This kind of goes along with the first one but I also hate when people come into my room and turn the light on while you see my trying to sleep, etc. with the light off! That's just plain rude and also really annoying. What is wrong with people?

The third one is when people ignore me. I don't mean when someone is mad at you and gives you the silent treatment. If they need time and don't want to speak with me that is fine. But I mean if I send someone s message on Facebook and they completely ignore it. Or we are in a conversation and I say something that gets completely ignored. It just irritates me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Another weird habit.

I totally meant to get this posted yesterday but my sister walked in while I was typing it up and she didn't leave for what felt like an hour so I just logged off the computer.

I'm supposed to be anonymous remember? I can't be leaving up my blog for even family to see.

So onto the challenge...

I don't have another weird habit to post about, really.

If you consider me checking my backpack at school weird, then here's one for you.

All day at school I am looking behind to make sure my zipper isn't open and that no one can see inside.

I get really embarrassed if it is.

I also do this when I'm sitting at my desk. Always unzipping and re-zipping each zipper to make sure it will stay.

I don't know, I've been doing it for over a year now.

Lame, I know. I couldn't think of another weird habit that I haven't already talked about.

Friday, November 11, 2011

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Christmas or Thanksgiving?

This is a boring question, why did I add this one to the challenge? 

Let's just wrap this one up quick, okay? Get this boring shit over with...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday compared to Christmas.

Mainly because it's cheaper.

It's not as competitive as Christmas either. I feel like every year I'm always begging my mom to buy me some amazing gift so that when I go to school after Christmas break I can say that I got this or that. I always want to get the better gifts than someone else.

The reality is we can't afford great gifts because my mom has a sucky job and is single with three children and a sick mother. 

Instead, Thanksgiving is truly about being with family. It's basically free since we have food stamps and it's always fun getting the food together with my mom and family.

It's nice and carefree and once Thanksgiving break is over I don't have to lie about what I got or what I did (unlike the lies I tell during Christmas time).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Things All Guys Should Have

Sensitivity. This is one of the things that is sexiest about a guy. Many guys aren't confident enough in their sexuality to show their feminine, sensitive side. But I like it. I love it, it's easier to trust someone when they are able to feel pain.

Romance. The perfect guy will surprise me with a home cooked meal, dressed up nice and calming beautiful music. If only...

Facial hair. This is so sexy on a guy! Why do men shave all their facial hair off? It looks so good. I don't like when it's like a bush but a nice shrubby beard is sexy on almost any guy.

Humility. It's a huge turn off when someone acts as if they are above someone else. It doesn't make you a man to have control over your girlfriend. It's okay to be wrong about things and it's okay to not have all the power in the relationship.

A Care in the World. Please do not act like you don't give a sh*t about everything around you. This goes along with sensitivity. It is OKAY to show emotion, really, it is. 

Fitted Clothes. If your boxers are Is that not uncomfortable anyway?

A Heart. Sometimes all it takes is a little "I'm sorry". Guys who don't admit when they are wrong get misunderstood. It's hard to admit when you are wrong and apologize but sometimes you just have to do it. For the relationship.
Showers. Please shower at least once a day, guys! If you don't tend to get BO and you decide to skip a day here and there, fine, but just don't tell me. Because if you stank, you stank. No excuses.

Common Sense. Don't cheat on your girlfriend/wife/significant other. Seriously, it's just wrong. Why on Earth would you think it was okay? P.S. Being drunk is not a good excuse.

Everything on this list. I can't think of anything else at the moment so if you're a guy and you are reading this, please take notes. Maybe it's not all girls that agree with me, but I'm sure a large majority of them do.

Oh and by the way, a nice, toned body never hurt anybody...

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Describe your perfect life.

My perfect life would be the complete oppposite of what I'm living today.

I would obviously have a lot of money. I wouldn't want to be "rich" though.

I'd have an excellent career working as a social worker, and maybe even opening up my own practice.

I would be married to the perfect guy. Sensitive, sweet, nice, romantic, and of course, attractive. The sex would be amazing.

I'd have a daughter or son who  was well behaved. If it was a girl she would me a mama's girl, if it was a boy...well he'd be a mama's boy too.

If I really did have a girl I would possibly call her Lorelai, or that would be her middle name at least.

I'd have a nice, expensive car that all my friends would be envious of. By the way, I'd have a lot of friends. Close friends, not in a stuck up "I'm popular" way. We would hang out often and go to each other for anything.

I would have all the nail polish in the world, and my husband would surprise me every now and then with some nail polish (why wouldn't he? he's perfect remember?)

And again, the sex...would be amazing because he'd probably look something like this:

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

What's number one on your bucket list?

For sure it is to travel to at least 15 of the 50 states. Actually, why not make it all 50? I've been to South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama, it's time to get out of the south.

The number one place I do want to go to, though, is Illinois. Specifically Chicago. Shopping there must be insane! I've heard that it's really beautiful...the tall buildings, the lights--like a mini version of New York (which I would also love to go to).
Traveling the United States would be a dream come true. I think that has to be the best part of being an American, the freedom. I can go anywhere, live anywhere and it's no big deal. I'm not sure if other countries are like this (I'm sure many are) but if they are I'm sure the people of those countries would agree that the freedom is simply amazing.

Wouldn't it be amazing to read if I actually did this and then decided to blog about it?

Tied for number one on my bucket list would be getting married, but we'll get into that another time.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Your best and worst high school memory.

Well considering I'm going through my second year of high school right now, I'm just going to have to say something from this or last year.

My best high school memory was winning the Coach's Award at the track banquet. My freshman year and I got an award! Not everyone did.

Now that I think about it, a lot of my 9th grade track "career" had good memories.  Like the time I ran a 60 second 400 m dash, I thought I was badass then, lol. Later, I worked my butt off to the state meet (again, as a freshman!) and at state I ran my fastest 400 to date...59 seconds! I was so proud. I worked so hard and was so happy to finally reach my goal. Not to mention that I finally got to the 50 second range.

My worst high school memory? I don't really have one. Apart from feeling like I've lost my best friend several times, I've had a pretty decent high school life.