Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Im Just Venting:

Guess what? Im pissed today!
My day was going great, I had talked to my crush alot, he even slapped my butt(AH!)and I saw him shirtless during (track)practice. But it all went downhill from there. In track I run the 4x100 meter relay. I ALWAYS run that relay. And now, they've kicked me off the relay and replaced me with 4 girls who are slower than me. I am sooo mad. The 4x100 relay is MY THING, that is just what I do, and now they took me off of it. I deserve to be on it, Ive worked soooo hard.
And then to top my day off I went to a track meet with my friend (after practice) and she got yelled at by her mom for something that was my fault. She was humiliated and sad. She was even crying! So overall my day sucked.