Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of School Experience

8:00 pm, the night before- So, Ive been getting ready all day. I've waxed my brows, painted my nails, and Ive been debating outfits all day. I'm probably 70% normal, 10% excited, 20% nervous at this point.

7:17 am- Ive done my hair and makeup and Im all dressed. Now Im waiting for the bus to arrive. 40% normal, 30% nervous, 30% excited right now.

7:34 am- Im on the bus now, I found a friend from last year and we sat together. So I don't feel so alone and awkward. I'm 50% nervous, 50% normal.

4:03 pm- So I just got home. I rode the bus home, except it was funner in the afternoon. The day was really good. I met some new people. The teachers are really nice, the classrooms are easy to find, and the day went by fast. As of now, Im 70% normal, 30% nervous for tomorrow.

10:40 pm- Im about to go to bed. After an exhausting day, Im so ready for sleep! I'm not so nervous anymore. I can't wait for the weekend! I'm already tired of school and homework! 80% normal, 15% excited, 5% nervous. Goodnight.