Friday, July 30, 2010


Today I was watching The Tyra Banks Show and it was an episode about how girls can re-invent theIr virginity. How, even if you lose it for some reason, you can start over. I'm a proud virgin, so when I saw this I was really upset. If you lost your virginity, in your own will, you have to deal with it. Not brush it off and pretend it never happened.

I plan on waiting until marriage to have sex. I know...people will think "Oh, you are so naive! You're just saying this now." But no. I'm committed to saving myself, because I have too much self respect to go and have sex with some guy. Alot of my friends have already started being sexual with their boyfriends. I've seen what happens to them emotionally; crying themselves to sleep, having a reputation for being a "whore", losing self-esteem. I'm not letting that happen to me, so Im waiting until marriage for sex.