Friday, May 28, 2010


As promised, in my "Summer" post, I have to tell you about Eva*, and our friendship.

We met in 4th grade. It was about 2 weeks into the school year when she came along.
I didn't really like her, in fact, I hated her. And one day I gave her an invitation to a party that I was having and she literally handed back the invitation and said she didn't want to go. You can imagine that I hated her much more after that.
Then 5th grade came along. We discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood, she lived just down the street!
I went over her house almost everyday that summer.
That's how we became best friends.
All through out middle school we had our ups and downs.
6th grade we didn't talk for a whole month. That's a while for best friends.
7th grade we grew so close, we even went to the beach together.
8th grade...Eva did some things. Everyone called her a whore, and she chose a guy over our friendship. It wasn't til' the last 2 months of school when she stopped her unclassy behavior and we became friends again.
9th grade was an amazing year for our friendship. We got along great and did everything together.
Now, more mature and more prepared, we are closer than ever and I love her!

*Her real name isn't Eva, but I don't want to put her real name on here.