Thursday, May 13, 2010


For sure there has to be a topic about summer.
And before I begin, aren't you so proud of me? I updated twice in one day!

This summer has to be amazing. To accomplish that goal I have to go to the beach with my best friend, Eva. I'll have to do a whole other post about her and our friendship over the years. Anyway, we went to the beach last summer and had a horrible time!
So this summer we plan on redoing that and having the time of our lives! It'll be fun.
Chilling at the pool, laying out by the ocean, meeting guys who are all types of hot.
Eating the best food, staying up till we get bags under our eyes, sneaking out every night, just to giggle and get that rush of adrenaline for doing something so fun!
When we go, I'll take pictures of the condo, beach, us in our cute bikinis, and anything else imaginable.
I'll post some too.
We can talk more about this when Eva and I have it more planned out.
Cant wait!
Summer 2010 will be amazing.