Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thoughts #1- Sex

I realize I haven't posted anything interesting for a while, so I'm starting a new segment where I just ramble on about anything random. So here is the first one:

So my best friend Eva had sex. She isn't married, in fact, she probably isn't even in love. She says she is, but she doesn't know what love is.
With me being abstinent and all, hearing about her first time, before marriage makes me want to throw up. It disgusts me how little self respect and confidence she must have.
Anyway, she told me what happened that Friday night:

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Her boyfriend, let's just call him Jackass. Jackass went over to Eva's house and they watched TV, ate pizza, you know, the usual. Then Eva decided she was "ready" (ready my ass!). She turned the music loud, so no one heard, and they had sex...
She told me she didn't like it and that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to stop. So she made it clear to Jackass that she wanted to stop. He yelled at her, told her he wanted to keep going and she began to cry. He then stopped and tried to comfort her, but she continued to cry.

 Why would you be yelling at your girlfriend when she is handing you her virginity?! She later told me that she doesn't want to and wont do it again, and that she regrets it. But I know she will do it again, and probably soon.
That's just who she is now.

But if she had listened to the one billion times I told her to wait, she probably would have enjoyed her first time having sex. Rather than the 2 minutes with Jackass rubbing inside her.

Stupid Eva and Jackass...what's worse is that I don't feel bad for her at all. As a "true" Christian, she should have felt the need to wait. And he should have supported her.

P.S. Today is exactly one month after my birthday!

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