Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loss of Interest
I'm pretty sure Sean has lost interest in me. It's weird to say that considering we've probably talked a total of five times in the last two weeks but I still think he has lost interest. We haven't had a real conversation in almost a week and when I pass by him there's no "Hey" and he doesn't flash that gorgeous smile at me.

We had a meet yesterday and I spent all day with him. We literally talked like, twice. And it wasn't even anything special. Twice is better than nothing...right?

I guess this is kind of my fault. I've been all shy around him and avoided him for a few days so he's probably thinking that I'm the one who's uninterested. I really hope not because I love talking to him, even if it's to tell him that he did a good job in his race. He's a super nice and really sweet guy. Plus, he's crazy attractive. I think I've mentioned that a few times.

He's a junior so I feel like we have nothing in common--therefore nothing to talk about. But I have school and practice tomorrow so maybe I'll talk to him then.

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