Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Person of Interest

I was invited by my coaches to travel to South Carolina for the 19th Annual Taco Bell Classic Track Meet. It's one of the nation's biggest track meets so of course I was excited to go!
We drove in a charter bus for about 6-7 hours until we got to SC and checked into our hotels.

The meet was on Friday and finals were on Saturday. I competed both days but didn't place for any of them. I made some personal records, so my times were good, but it was a super competitive meet.

Anyway, on Friday, after we competed in the trials, we went back to our hotel rooms for the night. The girls and boys stayed in the same hotel so it wasn't hard to sneak boys into our room. So guess who came to our room? Yep, Derek and his friend. Sabrina was one of my roommates and it surprised me how comfortable I was.
Derek and I are slowly becoming friends and Sabrina and I have gone past the whole make out thing. I think I have grown to realize I cannot have every guy I want and I just need to wait for the right one to come along. If Derek makes Sabrina happy--it's whatever, really. We just hung out for a couple hours, just having fun and joking around. It was a really amazing night.
Now, for the best part of the story; the bus ride home. We competed Saturday then made our way back home. I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up to Sabrina and Sean (a guy on my track team that I have the hots for) sitting next to me. I was about to die when I realized it was him. He is beyond sexy and has an amazing personality! I don't know how it happened but we just started talking and kept talking for a good 2 or 3 hours, maybe more. We talked about pet peeves, obsessions, ourselves, each other, even past relationships. The most random of things--we talked about. We joked around, laughed, and just had fun!
I can tell you one thing, Sean is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest guys I know.

I wish I could tell you more about him, but that was literally the most I have ever talked to him. We really didn't know each other until then.

Now I'm trying this new thing where I crush on a guy and take it slow. I don't want to end up falling for him and then getting my heart broken like I did with Derek. I need to give it time and let nature take it's course. 

If someone told me that Sean and I would become friends this weekend, I wouldn't believe it. But it happened, and I love it!

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