Friday, June 25, 2010


Today, about an hour ago actually. My coach from track called and said she wanted me to compete in state at Wisconsin. Now, I live in the south, so agreeing to this was kind of hard. But, it was a good deal; free travel costs, free stay, free food. I didn't have to pay a thing. But I don't know how comfortable I am going, I wont know anyone and the people I do know, I don't really want to see. Like, Derek. Anyway, I'll have to start practicing again, I'll have to start eating healthy again. I already agreed, so I cant say no now. Plus, this is an amazing opportunity for me. I'm so nervous! We don't go until July 14 or so, but the nerves are killing me! It's been so long since Ive raced. Ill be doing little exercises and gradually build up, I'll be crazy sore! Alright, this post is beginning to be too long, so, bye.