Friday, June 18, 2010

"You're Beautiful..."

Today I had a photo comment on facebook, by a guy.
When I went to see the comment, this is what it said:
"that Eva girl is beautiful!!! and that(my name) girl is too.........."
It was a picture of me and my best friend Eva.
Still don't see the problem? SHE was being called beautiful. I was being described as "...............".
This is the kind of thing that makes me feel bad about myself.
I have pretty good self esteem, I'm very happy about the way I look.
But things like that bring me down.

Its not the first time that's happened.
All the time people comment on pictures of us saying shes hot, sexy, pretty...but me, nothing.
When we go out, she gets hit on.
At school, all the guys around her.
Cant they see Im there too?
I HATE it. I'm happy for her though.
But, I just dont like the way it makes me feel: unattractive.

(song, in post title, is called Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, Im sure you already knew that)