Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Goodbye

Last night we had our track banquet for the 2011 season. Not only did I have a lot of fun but me and a certain someone had a little "moment". Or at least I'd like to call it that.

First let's talk about the banquet in general. Our entire team reunited and we had dinner and talked and had a good time. Afterwards awards, trophies, and certificates were given out to certain athletes. There were Coachs' Awards, Most Outstanding Athlete Award and etc. I was lucky to win one of the Coach's Awards where one coach gets to pick two of their top, or favorite, athletes (a guy and a girl). I was beyond excited to get one, especially as a freshman! Sean also got an award, but that was for Most Outstanding Athlete.

photo credit: www.deviantart.com
Alright, now to the good stuff. Sean and I had a moment before we left the banquet. Everyone was taking pictures, and saying their last goodbyes and we sat there and talked about this year and how fun the season was. And then...he shook my hand as if to say "Good season, you performed great", only, he held onto my hand after the hand shake! It was a good minute or two before we both realized what was going on and let go. And let me just say, his hands are so soft! We ended our conversation by saying that we all have to get together and do something over the summer.

Yes, yes we do Sean.
photo credit: www.goshoals.org