Friday, May 27, 2011

The Last Day of School
You can guess by the title of this post that today was my last day of school for the year! It feels so nice to be out of school and not have to drag myself out of bed at 6 every morning.

I still remember getting on the bus to school and being so nervous on that first day. I didn't know who I would talk to, who I would meet, what my teachers were like and now I'm missing my favorite teachers and best friends more than I thought I would.

Out of all my years of school, freshman year has been the hardest so far. Not only was I stressed half the time but I've been so distracted from my work and so lazy with my studying that I made it so much harder for myself. Track also played a huge role in my grade drop. I used to make all A's and B's and then I started losing focus with out-of-town meets and late practices. Soon I found myself pulling up my C's and D's. This semester I have one high C (77), which is a huge disappointment for me. I haven't finished with a C in years. But I also have A's in four of my classes (one of them is a 100), so I'm still happy.

Update- May 30, 2011: We can check our grades online on this thing called STI and it turns out I didn't finish with a C! My grade from Semester 1 pulled it up to a B (82). So in all I finished with four A's and 3 B's.

If it's taught me anything, it's that I need to stop procrastinating and being lazy and instead start working harder. I want to have a high GPA, I want to get amazing grades, and I want to finish high school with a scholarship.

I'm also so happy that I can get back to my regular posts and start having more fun with blogging! I've really missed the blogosphere and....

I survived Freshman year!

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