Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts #10- Where Art Thou Father?
I was reading through my blog reading list and one of the people I follow posted a Q&A type thing, but one question really stuck with me:

"If you had the ability, strength and moment to tell one person on this Earth something that you've never said before- what would it be and to whom would you say it?"

Right off the bat I knew the answer to this. I would tell my father exactly how I feel about the way he abandoned my mom and left our family. I'd tell him how much it hurt to go through so many hard times in life and not have him there for support. When we lost our house, he wasn't there. When I had to be driven to the emergency room, he had no idea. When my Uncle died, we had to call him to drive up and come see us. He was never there and will never get to see me grow up.

I know he cares about me and my family. He calls when he hears theres been a natural disaster, he calls on Christmas, New Years, etc. But sometimes he doesn't remember things like Birthdays or graduation. We would have to call him to tell him about it.

That's just not the way things should happen in a family. Fathers should be around for their children and they are supposed to celebrate Christmas with their family. Like on TV.

Yes, not everything can be perfect. But something like this is no excuse for breaking up our family. And I will never, ever forgive him for ruining my childhood and family.

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