Monday, June 13, 2011

Who, Me?

Short post today.

Yesterday I went shopping, of course for nail polish, and at the store I was in, a man was with his son and what looked to be his girlfriend. She was going around looking for things to buy and I could hear him talking to his son and telling him to "go say something to that girl".

I was looking around, trying not to look obvious, and searching for whoever he was talking about.

He kept on saying to his son "she's cute, go on and say something."

It was a small store so there wasn't too many people around and it turns out, he was talking about me! By the time I figured that out I was already blushing and trying to hide my face.

His son never said anything to me, which is a good thing considering he looked way too young for me anyway (at least 12 years old). He seemed really shy, and although I thought it was adorable, I wasn't into him.

I was really flattered by it though.

I left that store with a smile on my face and a whole lot of confidence.