Friday, June 03, 2011

Thoughts #11- Natural is Beautiful
I now realize that I never told you about the day I went with zero makeup to school.

I know that lots of girls come to school with no makeup and some girls don't ever wear makeup at all. But me, no. I normally wear makeup every single day to school. Whether it's just a small amount of mascara or an entire eye look with eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara.

Well, I was reading Seventeen Magazine one Saturday afternoon and there was this small article where girls all around the nation took a challenge to wear no makeup for a day. One girl even said that it took her less time to get ready in the morning. Of course, knowing me and how long it takes me to get ready for school, I accepted the challenge!

I planned to do it on Monday since the weekend is over and we're back in school, but I forgot. Tuesday morning, on my first day of exams, I woke up and was prepared. I took my shower, got dressed, did my hair, and completely skipped out on the makeup. I saved a whole 10-15 minutes and instead spent it on eating a good breakfast.

Throughout my day at school, I felt so confident, so free, so...pretty. No one gave me weird looks, no one even mentioned the fact that I was makeup-less. They probably didn't notice or could care less. So the 15 minutes I spend on makeup everyday is a total waste. It made me realize that wearing a lot of makeup makes me feel fake and unattractive, when in reality, natural is the most beautiful. I can't even begin to explain how great I felt!

Of course I was scared. I was expecting that everyone would ask me why I looked so different, or what happened to me. I was also expecting that I'd feel awkward and uncomfortable and unattractive. But none of that happened. In fact, my experience was so good that I didn't really wear makeup for the rest of the week--and I loved every second of it.

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