Friday, August 05, 2011

Shopping Steals

A couple days ago I went shopping with my best friend, Eva. We actually spent $280 that wasn't even ours!

Her friend--let's call him Johnny--was really nice and willing to take us shopping since he's a guy and didn't really care to spend it on himself.

Plus, I'm pretty sure he has the hots for Eva so he probably thinks this is the way to win her heart. Even if she's in a pretty serious relationship with Jackass.

So of course we went crazy!
I bought myself a new pair of shorts, the kind that ties at the waist with the cute frills. That picture above is the exact pair of shorts hanging in my closet. Pretty right? I also got a new tank top.

Eva bought most of the items, I only got two things. But she kept calling it "our clothes" so I'm sure it'll be okay to borrow them.

Anyway, Johnny was super sweet and carried our bags and when Eva would try something on he'd say that it was cute or pretty. He even bought us lunch!

He's a lot nicer than Jackass, that's for sure. Any girl would be lucky to have him.

It was a really fun day, I eventually got tired of walking around for so long but for the most part it was incredibly fun and I loved every second of using Johnny for his money.

That's okay right?