Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another New Beginning starts tomorrow.

The first day of school is always tiring but I can't believe how excited I am!

Last year I was a nervous wreck. Literally shaking as I walked onto the bus. Now I'm excited, still a little nervous but mainly looking forward to it.

Isn't it crazy how fast time is going by? I started this blog in the middle of eighth grade and now I'm going into 10th, about to be a sophomore in high school.

I never understood what people meant by "it feels like just yesterday" but now I do! I completely understand. It really does feel like just yesterday that 8th grade ended and I was sitting on the bus about to go home from the last day of school. Now I'm sitting here getting ready for the first day of 10th grade.

I can't even explain it.

After sophomore year, I'll have two years left of school, only TWO!

Then I'm off to college and living my life as an adult. I'll eventually be cut off by my parents and living on my own.

It's scary to think about but its the truth and I'll soon be living a life like that.

Track is also something to look forward to, I'm really excited about it.

I'm just going to enjoy my last few years of high school as much as I can, I would hate to waste it by wishing it was over and then looking back and wishing I was more relaxed and having fun.

Let's hope for a great first day and even better school year.

I'll keep you updated.