Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Days and Counting....
Wow, it has already been 2 weeks of school? I don't even remember what the first day was like now.

I've been enjoying school, this year is already very tough but I'm trying to get my act together early on so that I don't struggle later. The teachers are not joking and will not personally help you unless you request it. I imagine this is what college will feel like.

Sabrina and I are becoming better friends. At the begining of school we barely talked at lunch. Two days in a row we didn't even sit next to each other. She wouldn't save me a seat and didn't really give a shit whether or not I had to sit alone.

Last time I checked, that's not how a best friend was supposed to act. If that were me and I saw that the table was full and she would have to sit alone I would immediately pick up my tray and find a place for us to sit together. Honestly, I would not have hesitated.

Anyway, she called me one day after school apologizing for completely ignoring me during lunch. She made some lame excuses but I do think her apology was legitimate. I think she really meant it, especially since after that talk we have been sitting together, even if we were alone. Sabrina's a good friend, she just gets caught up in the wrong mess sometimes. 

Track conditioning (early practice before season starts) has already started. Actually it started on the first day of school! Insane right? I haven't gone yet but I'm hoping to begin going next week. I think that would be a great idea since I need to get back into shape before the new indoor track season begins.

Remember how I said that I saw Sean in the hallways a few times and how incredibly awkward it was? Well, ever since then it's been like he is avoiding me. If I ever do see him he's either walking really quickly or in the other direction. We obviously cross paths while changing classes, I don't see why he has to make it a big deal. He's probably finding every way possible to go an alternative way just so we don't have to awkwardly pass each other in the hallway.

I don't know, I'm probably over thinking it.

So far that's all that's happened at school. Tomorrow's another Monday so I'm sure I'll have something to report later in the week.