Friday, March 25, 2011

Q&A Time!

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How do you handle criticism?
When it's bad...I simply ignore it. I'm not sure whether or not that is a good thing but it's what I do.
I'm one of those people that can be very strong and brave but I have a clear limit and sometimes things I hear or see can push that limit. When I get in that situation, I completely block it out and pretend the hate around me is not there.
That way I can't get hurt.

Who had or has had the greatest impact on your life?
Probably God. I know that sounds cheesy, but I'm serious. I've always been a Christian but I have never really gotten into my religion. When times got really hard and I had no one to go to, I went to God. I do not think my life would be as good as it is now if he wasn't with me.

If you had a friend that spoke to you the way YOU speak to yourself – would you keep them as a friend and for how long?
Yes. I'm very positive to myself. I refuse to be one of those girls who complain about their bodies or put themselves down just because they aren't doing or looking their best that day. No one can be perfect and I accept that. I try to encourage myself as much as possible and even if something went horribly wrong, I force myself to see the good in it.
If I had a friend like that, I'd keep them in my life for as long as I possibly could.

Do you think crying is a form of weakness or a form of strength?
It's a form of strength for sure! I consider it a weakness if you bottle up your feelings and think you can continue to live with that unhappiness. Crying relieves the pain you have inside and it takes a lot of bravery to sit there and cry it all out. I admire the people who aren't afraid of themselves and see no reason to call it a weakness.