Sunday, March 27, 2011

Awkward Is In My Dictionary

Yesterday I had a track meet from 6am-7pm where I ran a total of four events. I also set my personal record of 61 seconds for the 400 meter dash (yay!). So in all, it was a great meet.

After the meet I drove straight to my friend Eva's house to spend the night. And man was it uncomfortable. I'm perfectly fine around Eva, but around her

I feel like I have to be obnoxiously nice after the whole "you're not hanging out with my daughter anymore because you're not appreciative" thing.
Of course they didn't say that to my face, but I now know that was the reason, according to Eva at least.

Her parents were nice and they took us out to church and lunch, but nonetheless, you can understand the awkwardness right?

It's like having a horrible breakup with someone and then six months later spending a whole day with them. It's just not a comfortable situation.

It did get better and wasn't as awkward, but it doesn't make up for that awkward factor.


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