Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Celebrities I'd Love To Meet

These are in no particular order. I couldn't put it in an order if I had to. I look up to each and every one of these people.

Rihanna- I've loved Rihanna since she first came into the industry. She wasn't even big yet, but she had me at "Unfaithful". Her music is so addicting, catchy and touching. She is so beautiful. Whether she has a short pixie cut or hair down to her shoulders, I will always envy her beauty. She is also so strong. The incident with Chris Brown gave hope to everyone in this world. She made me realize that there is an end to every bad situation in life.

Adam Lambert- Something about Adam Lambert is very attractive. I love that he doesn't care what people think of him. Not only is he openly homosexual, but he is daring about his style. He seems to have so much confidence. Something that everyone needs more of. I also love his music. He has an amazing voice. I'd kill to see him in concert!

Taylor Swift- I admire Taylor Swift. She is so inspirational, gorgeous and talented. Her music is always so down to Earth and real. Something that most girls and even women can relate to. It's hard to believe that such talent came from Youtube. Shes also a big role model to me. You never see her in the tabloids, she is not "growing up too fast", and she definitely isn't another Lindsey Lohan.

Lil Wayne- So Lil Wayne isn't a role model to me or anything, but I do love him. His music is so clever and catchy. I also love that he is original. He doesn't try to be like any other artist, they try to be like him. That makes him so attractive to me. Not to mention that I love his look. The dreads and the all-over-the-body tattoos drive me crazy!

Kate Veogele- If you aren't familiar with Kate Veogele you are missing out! Not only is she incredibly pretty, but I have never heard so much talent in my life. I have heard her sing live and I've heard her studio versions. They are almost identical. She got her start on the show One Tree Hill and ever since then I've been obsessed with her. Her voice gives me chills. I really admire the fact that she didn't have to take off her clothes or marry one of those player celebrities to get big. She is proof that true talent still exists.

Shemar Moore- This has to be the thousandth time that I have mentioned Shemar Moore on my blog. I love him! He is insanely good looking but also a really great actor. You can tell he takes his job very seriously and that he loves what he is doing. I can't get enough of him on Criminal Minds! 
I've seen many videos and interviews of him showing his real personality and I absolutely love how funny he is! He is one of those people that I would love to be friends with.

Betty White- Anytime I hear Betty White it makes me smile! She is too cute. She's an amazing actress and has been since 1939. Not to mention she is hilarious! I loved her on Saturday Night Live and that funny Super Bowl commercial. She may be 88, but her talent is good as new! She is also so beautiful. When I'm that age I hope to look as good as she does. It would be such an honor to meet Betty White. I'm hoping it happens one day.

Ryan Reynolds- Oh goodness, Ryan Reynolds. He's so good looking it's scary! But he also is very inspirational. Ryan Reynold's career started very slow and at one point, he even quit acting. But he got back on his feet and kept trying, I love him for that. I loved his role in "The Amityville Horror". He played his character so well. Then we got to see his funny side in "The Proposal". He is so charming and incredibly talented.

Tyra Banks- My biggest role model of them all is Tyra Banks. She seems so wise, confident, and independent. I love that she isn't afraid to speak the truth and that she doesn't care what people think about her. When I'm at her age, I can only hope to be that successful and wise. Her beauty shines above all. She's almost flawless! I always look to her show and website for advice and wisdom. Almost like a second Bible. If I met her, my life would be complete.
Robert Downey Jr.- Finally, we get to Robert Downey Jr. One of my favorite actors. He is so sexy, talented, funny, and successful. I have never seen someone play every single character, like he has, and portray them so well. I especially love him in action movies. Like "Iron Man".
I look up to him. I hope that someday I can be successful just like he is. He deserves all the fame that he has and all the fame that he will continue to get. I can't even begin to tell you how much it would mean to me if ever met him. I'd take him to dinner and then bring him back to my house for dessert...

Of course I also love Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Keys and many other celebrities, these are the ones I chose to list.