Friday, November 05, 2010

Thoughts #2- PMS

My periods are the worst. I don't know if anyone else has it this bad, but they're awful.
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Lets start off with cramps. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most painful, my cramps are a full blown ten. No exaggeration. One time, I had to rush to the emergency room (at 1:00 am) because my cramps were so bad...I couldn't even walk!
Once they start, there is no stopping them. Medicine will not work.
If my cramps are just starting I can quickly take some medicine and the pain will go away, and no longer continue.
But if I wake up from the pain of my cramps, then there is no hope for me.
Only a heating pad can treat my cramps once they have started. And sometimes that doesn't even work.

Then comes the headaches. Migraines really. Any dramatic movement I do will make my head start pounding. Loud noise, bright lights...all make my head pound even harder. I can put ice on my forehead, a hot towel on my forehead or take medicine. But it never makes a big enough impact. It still hurts and it doesn't really feel much better.

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The backaches are so uncomfortable too. You don't know how to position your body to stop it from being so painful. As with my cramps and headaches, once the backache has gone to a certain amount of pain, it will not go away with medicine.

Cravings, moodiness, clumsiness and laziness also applies to me during my period.
I tend to get over emotional, impatient, and bored with everything.
It hurts [ALOT] to poop, I get cramps in my vagina "wings" that even normal?

Let me know if you have symptoms this bad. It happens almost every month. And to me, the pain is unbearable. Not to mention that I have an incredibly low tolerance for pain.

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