Friday, November 05, 2010

My Halloween Night 2010

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Eva, Eva's boyfriend, Sabrina, Sabrina's sister Samantha, Samantha's boyfriend and I all decided we wanted to go trick or treating on Saturday. For hours we planned where we would meet, what time, and how long we would stay. We had to go through so much to get it all figured out, I almost cried it was so confusing.
So finally we worked it out and I got my costume on, did my makeup really pretty and headed out the door.

I was to meet Eva at her house so we could meet with the others in our meeting spot. Once I got to her house, it turns out that Eva can no longer go because her boyfriend Jackass* couldn't make it. She didn't want to go without him.
Either way, she still dropped my off at the original meeting spot and I was just going to have to go trick or treating without her and Jackass.
Soon, we reached Sabrina's house (the meeting spot). We were on our way down the street to start getting our candy when out of no where her mom comes home and starts screaming at us.

I am not exaggerating, she was literally screaming! It was scary actually. She was cussing at me saying I was a dumbass, that my parents were stupid for thinking I could go trick or treating on Saturday when Halloween was Sunday. She also mentioned that I was to never come back to her house again.
I could have slapped her, I really wanted to.

So after screaming at me, Sabrina and her sister, (turns out her boyfriend couldn't come either) she took me home.
The whole 15 minutes in the car with that woman, she was still yelling at us. Repeating the same thing over and over. It made me angry that I couldn't yell back at her since she was an adult and it also made me angry that Sabrina has to live with her when she is like that.

Because of Sabrina's mom, my night was ruined. I couldn't go trick or treating, nor could I even go back to Sabrina's house.
I eventually got over it, but I don't think I have ever been so mad in my life!

* name has been changed