Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mean Girls 2?

I had to come here and rant about this new movie. Mean Girls 2, a sequel to Mean Girls. Which is a classic movie about all the cliques in highschool. Did you catch that...CLASSIC!
Now they have decided to ruin the movie by adding this stupid sequel. The worst part is that there are Disney actresses in this new "Mean Girls 2" movie.

Please watch this trailer and find one good thing about this upcoming movie. Give up? That's right. There's nothing good about it!
It will be lame, annoying, childish, stupid, lame, low rated, sucky, and lame. But I already said that.

When I first heard the rumor about a Mean Girls 2 coming out, my heart dropped and I almost cried. I knew this wouldn't be a good thing.
I can't believe they would go and do that! Do they really expect this to be successful? Cause I can guarantee you it will not. NO ONE wants to spend their money on a Disney version of the original Mean Girls movie. I know for sure I won't be. Even if someone offered it to me for free, I wouldn't take it!