Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thoughts #3- Girls and Makeup

Makeup. I feel like girls who wear makeup are misunderstood. Not every makeup wearing girl in the world is insecure or ugly like some people think.

Wearing makeup is fun. There are so many colors to choose from, so many brands, so many products and so much you can do with it! Almost like being an artist. Your face is an empty canvas and you "paint" it with makeup. I know I always get excited when I buy new eyeshadow. Its just another thing I can play with!
Yes, some girls wear " a lot" of makeup. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are insecure or they think they are ugly. It could just be that they like the look of thick eyeliner, or they love wearing black eyeshadow on their entire eyelid. For them, makeup could be a hobby. Just like painting, or sewing, or any other creative hobby.
It is their preference of how much makeup is "too much" for them...not anyone else's.

Makeup is a good way to enhance your features. If you have beautiful, plump lips you can show them off with a pretty lipstick. Or if your eyes are the most gorgeous green, you can add a complementary eyeshadow color that will brighten up your eyes. When you're looking a little tired and dull, you can use some blush to bring some life into your face.

Wearing makeup is also a way to boost your confidence. I don't mean that anyone who wears makeup has no confidence without it. But makeup can give someone more confidence than they already have. 

I know that anytime I wear makeup, whether it is just a little eyeliner, a small amount of mascara, or a full face of makeup. I always feel a little more confident. Without makeup, I just feel like everyone else. I don't stand out and I don't feel as amazing as I do with makeup.

I sometimes feel insecure, with or without makeup. But everyone, men and women, boys and girls have those days.
Maybe I just got rejected, or someone said something hurtful to me and I lose a little of that confidence I've been carrying around. But I quickly pick myself back up. I accept that I'm not perfect.

You have to always keep in mind that you are beautiful, just like everyone in this world. Black, white, tall, short, thin, curvy, long hair, short hair, every race, every face, everyone is beautiful in their own way. It sounds cliche. But it's true. Even if you don't believe it.