Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Favorites of 2010

 Covergirl's Lash Blast Length mascara makes my eye lashes so long, it's scary!

My Sister's Keeper is the best movie I have seen this year.It's so touching, inspirational, and sad. It's a truly unforgettable movie.

No doubt about it, redcarpet-fashionawards.com is my favorite blog...period. I have been so addicted to it. I love her opinion about what celebrities wear, how they wear it and who designed it. Her blog is also a great way to discover new designers.

I wouldn't be Minty if I didn't mention Shemar Moore at least once a month on my blog. All this year I have gone on and on about his sexy body and his amazing acting skills. I hate to be one of those girls who gets obsessed with a celebrity, but when it comes to Shemar Moore, I can't help it.

Kate Voegele singing "Hallelujah" almost made me cry. Her voice is so beautiful, so breathtaking. She hits every note just right. I used to come home from school everyday and the first thing I did was listen to this song. It's just so amazing.

Nail Polish
I have so many that it's too difficult to pick a favorite. But my favorite brand has to be Nicole by OPI.

I thought I'd be really random with this one. 
My number one, favorite bra is the Emma Extreme Air Pushup Bra from Aerie. Of course this isn't something I wear everyday, but a little push up is nice. Especially when it bumps you up a whole bra size!

T.V. Show
Not only is my favorite actor, Shemar Moore, in Criminal Minds, but it's an all around amazing show. The cases get so emotional and intense. I never want to miss a minute of it! Every episode is something so new and interesting. 
Oh, and did I mention that the incredibly attractive Shemar Moore is in it?

Definitely Forever21. No other store can ever compete with it. 
The affordable prices, the good quality, the great deals, the cute clothes, what more could you ask for?

The day I woke up a better, confident, happier person was one of my favorite moments in 2010.

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