Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re-Post: Friends or Frenemies?

This week has brought many, many memories. I've already posted two "re-posts" in celebration of my blog's one year anniversary. Those two posts are two of my all time favorite posts on this blog.
Today I'm re-posting an old post back from November of 2010--when I was confused about my friendship with my friend Eva. Sometimes it's hard when someone you know and love changes to someone you don't want to know at all...

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So, as everyone knows, friendships fade. People change. They mature, or become immature. Maybe someone new comes into their life and they have forgotten all about you. Sometimes tragedy has struck in their lives. But no matter what people will change.

My bestfriend, Eva, has changed. She's changed to the point that I don't know if we are even bestfriends anymore. I want to be, but it's hard. I absolutely hate her boyfriend. I like to call him Jackass. I'm also a bit jealous of her too. Not because she has a boyfriend and I don't. Not because she is spoiled and I'm far from it. Not because all the guys always want her. Not because she is tall and I'm only 5"3.But because no matter what she does in her life that is "wrong", she still lives better than I ever have. Bad luck seems to follow me, and for her, good luck just chases her as she passes by.
It's true when they say bad things happen to good people.

Anyway, back to the subject. She's become everything I don't want her to be, and everything I don't want myself to be. I almost don't know her anymore.
When it's just her and me, we have a great time. But anytime her racist, ugly, jackass of a boyfriend is around, it's all "let's put Jackass before my bestfriends."

I want to remain her bestfriend. I want her to be mine too. We've been through so much, but there is a time when you have to let nature take it's natural course.

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