Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update- Dieting, Track and Field

After weeks of conditioning,mandatory practice, or "tryouts", has started.
The workouts are intense, and literally take my breath away.
Just yesterday we had to run three 300s, two 200s, and one 100. If you don't know how much these are, well...Google it.
We had no rest in between the sprints, and we definitely had no water breaks.
But as tiring and as hard as those workouts were, I love track so much that I'm not even close to quitting. Plus, the hot, sweaty, athletic guys keep me motivated.

As for my diet, it's easy and actually kind of fun. I don't really understand why women complain about diets so much. Unless it is something you need to do for health reasons, it's completely optional.
I'm going on a "healthy" diet.
Meaning I will reduce my soda intake, salt intake, and especially sugar intake.
I only indulge in something "unhealthy" about once or twice a week. Not to mention that I'm trying to get all my nutritional daily values, without exceeding it, and drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.
I'm taking vitamins too.
It's really exciting to see how my body takes it so well (no, I am not losing any weight here) and it really transfers on the track. I recommend any athlete--or just anyone at all--to get in-shape by a good diet.

And just to throw it out there, my obsession number 156132 is the (future) big rapper Novi Novak. Look him up, no matter who you are, you will love him.