Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deja Vu?

First things first, if you haven't already, read this post from last Halloween before you read this actual post. Otherwise you will be totally lost on what is going on.

Okay so last night Sabrina called and asked me if I wanted to go out with her tomorrow (tomorrow now meaning today). Her mom had an extra ticket for a show and allowed her to bring a friend.

I, of course, said yes. I had nothing better to do and it sounded fun.

While we were on the line her mom called from work to ask if Sabrina had decided who she was going to bring. When Sabrina told her it was me she immediately said no and that she didn't want me to come. When Sabrina asked why her mom said that "we will talk about it when I get home" and she hung up.

Sabrina and I stayed on the phone about an hour after talking about why she wouldn't want me to come. Only one thing crossed our mind, last Halloween.

Remember how I said her mom was yelling at me? Well apparently she is still upset about that night.

So when her mom got home Saturday night Sabrina, once again, asked her why she didn't want me to come.

Her mom would never give her a straight answer except that she didn't like me and didn't want me there.

She doesn't even know me! The time she really met me was that Halloween night and that barely counts since I didn't even know I wasn't supposed to be there. Apparently she didn't want Sabrina and her sister to go trick or treating with anyone outside of the family (for whatever reason).

How was I supposed to know? NO ONE TOLD ME. Not even Sabrina!

Back to the story, Sabrina called me the next day (today) and asked if I still wanted to go to the show. I said no since I was uncomfortable with it now that I know how much her mom dislikes me. Plus, I was busy and didn't feel like going out anymore.

It reminds me a lot of Eva and when her parents did not want us to hang out. Am I right? It seems like things are coming back in other forms, like a rebirth of events almost. Weird.

I'm still wondering though what made her mom decide to let me come, even if I said no, I wonder why her mom changed her mind. By the sounds of it she really didn't like me and wanted nothing to do with me.

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