Friday, December 09, 2011

An Amazing Dream

So last night--or maybe two nights ago-- I had the most amazing dream about a guy on my track team that we'll call M.J. wasn't dirty.

It was beautiful, passionate and sexy. At least to me it was.

It's kind of a weird dream though. We were in the hall of a school and our parents were in another room talking to a coach or teacher.

Soon we heard our parents ending their conversation and saying their goodbyes so I decided to give him a peck on the lips, kind of like "bye, love you, see you later".

For whatever reason, he started full on kissing me and within seconds we were making out on the floor, in the middle of the hallway!

It wasn't slobbery, fast, and rushed. It was slow, passionate kissing and I loved every second of it.

In the dream, he was the most amazing kisser. Period. I just let him lead and it was damn good.

The way he was so gentle and slow with the kissing made me feel so special. Like he really loved me and was kissing out of love, not because of his sexual desires.

In this dream, we were already in love with each other and were an official couple so to imagine that he still kisses me that way makes me really happy.

Waking up that night was the worst. I was really sad to discover it was a dream. I really want a guy to make me feel the way I felt in that dream.

The next day (in real life) seeing him at school was weird, to think I had this dream about him and he just has no

I thought about that dream all day yesterday and today.

Why can't dreams be reality?

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