Saturday, December 03, 2011

Locker Room Convo

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It's so weird not having to do part of the 30 day challenge today...

Luckily, I have something really interesting I want to talk to you about.

Early last week I was in the locker-room getting ready for practice. Two girls were in there talking about birth control and how it's helping their periods to be less painful and uncomfortable.

Of course I was interested because I have seriously painful cramps during my period--as I've mentioned before.

I asked the girl about her NuvaRing (the birth control she uses)  and she told me all about how it worked and how to use it and how she got it.

Apparently it really helps to ease the discomfort and pain of PMS.

She is short and thin like me so I can relate to her pain, my body, like hers, is too little to handle regular periods and the pain is much more intense than most people with a larger body mass, etc.

What really surprised me wasn’t that she is using birth control but that she is a virgin and she made that very clear in the locker room.

She said that people have been saying things behind her back, calling her a whore for needing birth control, etc. but that in reality it isn't so she can avoid pregnancy but instead she uses it to control her periods.

Then she yelled out "I'm a virgin, bitch!" as if she was confronting one of her haters.

I was impressed. She had no shame in that and proudly yelled it out in a locker room full of people she knew and didn't know.

I'm happy to know there are other proud virgins out there, like myself.

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