Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Sexy Haul

By now it is no secret that I love, love, love Victoria's Secret.

I have been eyeing this hot bikini above and I finally got it last week.

It is super sexy in person, and even sexier on.

I purchased it on Thanksgiving Day when they were offering free shipping online.

With the $10 I saved on shipping, I bought this bikini below that was on clearance for $9.99. I actually bought it in hot pink with white polka dots which you can see if you click the picture to go to the website.

I hadn't been too excited for it but once I received it and put it on, I was in love!

The pink is so bright and vibrant against my chocolate skin. It's a hot pink but not an obnoxious hot pink (if that makes any sense).

As if this wasn't amazing enough I received a "Secret Reward Card" with my order and it is worth $10!

So when I go back to buy the bottoms for these two bikinis I can get $10 off my order.

UPDATE: I have already purchased the bottom for the first bikini and am planning on purchasing the bottom for the pink one in store during the summer.

Did I mention that I love Victoria's secret?

All image credit: victoriassecret.com