Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011


So Christmas this year was great. We had the most delicious dinner...as you can see.

We actually didn't get any presents this year since my mom couldn't afford any but the food definitely made up for it. More than made up for it actually.

It was SO good!

Just a disclaimer, we did have a turkey. I just didn't take a picture since the legs fell off. Wasn't too pretty after that...

So starting from the first picture we had a three cheese casserole. The recipe for this came from Tastes of Home magazine.

Second picture, not too sure about this one. My sister made it and I don't know where the recipe came from. It has bacon, tomatoes and onion in it and was thickened with whipping cream.

Third picture is my favorite! This I made myself. I got the recipe from Tastes of Home magazine. The sauce is called "Family's Favorite Pasta Sauce" and I completely agree. It's made with so many spices and flavors that you just want to keep eating and eating.

Next was some simple white rice with a hint of greens. We had gravy to go with it but I didn't take a picture of it.

The sugar cookies are the Pillsbury store bought dough that I rolled out and attempted to shape into Christmas trees. I had a lot of fun icing it but obviously they didn't come out super pretty and "professional".

The gorgeous red velvet cupcakes are from the Wal-Mart bakery and tasted so good! I ate about four of them.

Welch's sparkling juice cocktail are great! This is probably the third or fourth year that we have bought them.

Overall, even without presents, Christmas was amazing.

I think I'm starting to accept that I don't have a perfect life and it's okay to not have as much money as my friends. It's okay that I can't afford Christmas presents. It's no the end of the world.

Christmas is about family and spending time with the ones you love. Not about material things like presents.

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