Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Favorites of 2011

My favorite show this year went from Criminal Minds to Grey's Anatomy. I still love, love, love Criminal Minds but Grey's Anatomy is taking the crown this year.

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This is a tie between and Swagbucks. I love the concept behind Polyvore and being able to use my creativity and I also love that allows me to earn points which can be redeemed for money.

I love everything about Adele. Her music, her voice, her strength and obviously her songs. My favorite song from her is a tie between Turning Tables and Rolling in the Deep.
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2011 was my year of blogging. Blogging has become a big part of my life. It is a fun, stress relieving activity for me and I truly enjoy it. I have a nail blog and this personal blog and I love both the same.

Salt. I saw this movie during the summer and I really loved it. It's so intense it's crazy! I'm really hoping for a sequel because this was my favorite movie out of all the movies I have seen this year.

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It is no secret that I have obsessed, obsessed, obsessed this year with...just about anything! But my biggest obsession has been nail polish. I have collected over 270 bottles in 11 months and I am still accumulating them now. Nail polish just makes me happy, it really does.

I know, I know. Magazine? Remember that I am totally random and I want to keep things interesting...not the same thing every time. So anyway, Glamour magazine is my favorite magazine. I have read every single issue for almost three years now. 

Christian Siriano. I love him! Gay, fierce, funny, dramatic...just amazing. I actually only fell in love with him yesterday during the Project Runway season 4 marathon but I love him enough that he is on this list. That's a pretty big deal.

The Snuggie is a Big Hit in My House
My Snuggie! Of course. Need I say more?

My favorite moment of 2011 was the day of State when I not only remained first during my 400 in the 4x400 meter relay but I also ran my personal record of 59.9 seconds.

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