Friday, December 02, 2011

So Far...

UPDATE 8/17/2012: A lot has changed since this post, to see my newest design plans, click here.

Here is everything I have done so far for my bedroom makeover. Can you tell I'm super excited? In five months I'll finally be buying furniture, bedding, curtains, etc. but for now this is where I am...

Like I said in a past post, I went back on Polyvore and updated the set I created for my vision of my room. I originally had a black/white/purple(s) color scheme but I've since added in some dusty blues. I want a more fun color palette and not have it so strict.

(All paints are from Behr)
This goes along with what I have just mentioned...I went ahead and chose paint colors as a guide for the color scheme of my room. Like I said, this house that we live in is a rental so I can't paint the walls but I did get paint samples so that I can match the pillows, bedding, furniture, etc. I want to make sure my color palette isn't all over the place.

*sorry for blurry picture*
Another thing I want to mention is one of the art pieces I am creating for my room. (remember I said I wanted to make the room my own by actually putting in DIY pieces?) I'm beginning to create a picture frame with cut-out magazine letters all glued together randomly. I think it's a simple way to add color and excitement to the room. I'll make another post once it's all done.

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