Sunday, December 04, 2011

If I Won the Lottery

image: / James Barker
Last night I watched this show on TLC called The Lottery Changed My Life.

I have won over 13 small online giveaways (makeup, giftcards, etc.) and believe that anyone can win anything.

If there is a giveaway, someone has to win.

I really am considering entering the lotto. Specifically the Powerball lotto.

If I won the lottery and had millions of dollars, the first thing I would do is leave this old, ugly, 2 bedroom town house and purchase/pay off a nice 4-5 bedroom house (5 would be ideal since my mom, brother, sister, grandmother and myself  could all have our own rooms). I would obviously have my own room and decorate and re-model it to match my dream room. Then I would purchase and pay off a car for myself, my sister and my brother.

I'd pay for tuition for my brother, sister and save some for myself. I'd also pay for my mom's tuition since she wants to go back to college.

With the extra money I would buy a new wardrobe, nail polish, shoes, and other fun things for myself.

I would give my grandmother, brother and sister $5,000 spending money but everything else would have to run through me (like if they wanted a new stereo system, they would have to ask). My mom would most likely get a little bit more and have to ask me for other stuff just like my sis and bro.

I'd probably save the extra money for any emergencies that may pop up and for any vacations we may want to take.

If I won the lottery, I would be living the life! We could finally stop living paycheck to paycheck, my mom could stop working 10 hour shifts at Wal-Mart, my brother could focus on school instead of working 7 hours at Subway after school and we could all just relax and stop worrying.

I would be truly blessed and happy if I won, but the odds of winning are so high, I might as well not think about.

...A girl can dream, right?

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