Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 Celebrity Crushes

Shemar Moore
So what if I already did a summer obsession post about him? He is sexy! I die for those eyes. His smile is gorgeous and he's on my favorite TV show, Criminal Minds.

Ryan Reynolds
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I'm drooling. He's got the perfect hair, face and body! I wouldn't mind if he wrapped his arms around me with those huge biceps.

Mario Lopez
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Athletic, good-looking, nice personality, gorgeous smile, hot body...what's not to love?

Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper is one of God's best creations.He has those gorgeous, piercing blue eyes that make me melt! Not to mention he's funny, has amazing hair and a cute smile. I'm in love...

Hugh Jackman
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He was incredibly good looking when he was younger. Even now, every time I watch an X-Men movie, I get so excited to see him as the sexy wolverine! I just fall for him so hard.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Have you seen Prince of Persia? He is so hot in that movie, it should be illegal! I died every time he took his shirt off. 

Mark Wahlberg
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 God bless those chiseled abs, huge biceps and that gorgeous smile! This picture is my favorite of Mark's. I could never get tired of his hot body and handsome face.

Adam Lambert
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Something about Adam Lambert makes me go crazy. Maybe it's his spiked hair, gorgeous face, or his amazing voice, or maybe it's just that he's plain hot! Too bad he isn't straight, I want him for myself!

Robert Downey Jr
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Oh yes, Robert Downer Jr. He may be old enough to be my father, but who cares when you look that good?! There's not one thing that isn't sexy about him. He's perfect.

Reggie Bush

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I don't even know what to say. He is one of the sexiest men alive. His abs are amazing, his face is amazing, his smile is amazing, he's amazing at football, his abs are amazing...wait I already said that.