Sunday, September 05, 2010

Season Finales and Premieres

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Last night I watched the past season finale of Vampire Diaries. It was amazing! I'm so shocked at what happened to all the vampires! I had no idea that the mayor was one.
Then at the end, Katherine came back and killed John. I was so sure that was Elena kissing Damon on the porch. But I could not have been more wrong! It also shocked me at how evil Bonnie has become. She let all those vampires die down there and threatened to kill Damon if he drank any more human blood from an innocent human body. I would have never guessed she would become so evil.
This Thursday, the season 2 premiere of Vampire Diaries comes on! I can't wait.

I love Vampire Diaries, but my favorite show Criminal Minds has its season premiere Sept. 22! I watched the season finale last Wednesday. Hotch's ex-wife, who he is still in love with, gets murdered by Hotch's worst enemy..."The Reaper". I'm so anxious to see what happens to Hotch and his son. There is no way you can live a normal life knowing that you are the reason the woman you love is dead. How do you even explain that to your son? How do you tell him that his mom is dead because you wouldnt listen to The Reaper when he said to stop searching for him?
This season premiere is going to be so intense! Is Agent Hotchner going to retire? I cant imagine the show without him!