Thursday, September 02, 2010

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"

Today at school, I was talking to my best friend Sabrina, (aka, the best friend who made out with my crush), and she told me that one of her guy friends thinks I'm cute! How sweet is that? I love getting compliments from guys. I feel great about myself right now!
I'd also love to get to know this guy. He's not too bad looking himself!

Also, I want to let you in on a little update; today was my 17th day of school as a 9th grader. The first two days this week were horrible and long. But yesterday and today were amazing! I've had so much fun in all my classes and we just got a seating chart in math and I love it! Tomorrow we have our first pep-rally of the year. I'm hoping it'll be fun!

33 Mondays and 164 school days to go...

song in post title called "I Feel Pretty" by Westside Story