Sunday, September 05, 2010

Anger, Sadness, Disappointment, Frustration...

Have you ever been so frustrated you just cry?
Well I was like that last night, and the night before. A little while ago, I did a post about all the gorgeous shoes I wanted for my birthday.
Friday night, my mom comes home and I ask her if she's ready to order the shoes. She says "I wont be able to, I have to pay your brothers cell phone and the mortgage"
Now, I understand that she has to pay bills, but first, she shouldn't be paying my brothers cell phone bill. He's 18, he needs to get a job and pay his own bill. And second, she shouldn't make promises that she cant keep.
I got so upset, I ate dinner alone, and I went to bed without telling anyone "goodnight". The next morning (yesterday morning) I didn't talk to her at all and when she left for work, I didn't say "I love you, bye!"

I may be overreacting but I hate when she promises me something, and never does it. Almost like she doesn't care about me. And now, I cant buy my birthday gift, while its on sale! FML.