Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 Days Challenge- Day 3

Your idea of the perfect first date.

Well, I've already made a whole post about this in the past, so I'll bend the rules and just copy and paste then tweak a few things.

I'm a hopeless romantic. So my perfect date would probably be classic like dinner and a movie.

We could watch a really good action movie (I'm a sucker for Angelina Jolie movies!) and then we go to a romantic, expensive, classy restaurant for dinner.
Dinner can be a very awkward date, but that if we go to a movie first we'll have something to talk about.

If we hit it off, our next date could be something fun...but still have that opportunity for romance.
Something like going to the beach, or going on a cute picnic.

The opportunities are endless!

But I do have some musts for any date:
My date must be on time, clean, prepared and willing to pay or split the bill.

Other than that, I'm open-minded and really just looking for a good time.

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