Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Dream Wedding

(This is part of the 30 Days Challenge- Day 7 to be exact)

I love to talk about these types of things. I've already done my perfect date and my perfect dream guy and now the big one...the wedding.
My perfect wedding would be so angelic and beautiful. 
The three main colors would be white, black and yellow: yellow roses, yellow cake, black detailing, white floors, white/black chairs, and so on.
 My wedding dress would beautiful beyond belief!
I'd walk down the aisle in the most delicately placed, crystallized dress known to man. I'd be glistening as I move and others would die of envy.

As soon as I put on my dress, ready to walk down that aisle, I'd cry like a baby.
I want the most delicious, yet pretty cake I can get my hands on. Preferably one with enough drama without being over the top or tacky.

All my loved ones will be there including my close friends.
My groom will be dressed in the finest tux and looking as handsome as ever.
Clean shave, nice hair, and even a nice man-icure.
And my makeup...dramatic while still being subtle.
Overall, I just want my wedding to be as beautiful and memorable as possible. If I could pick the perfect wedding, it would be something like this.

Now my real wedding will probably be a lot more planning and a lot less money than this...but hey, a girl can dream right?

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