Friday, February 04, 2011

10 Things I Fear

Death. I think almost everyone fears this. What will happen after I die? How will I die? Who is going to miss me? Who will be happy that I'm gone? It just scares me.
Pregnancy. I've mentioned this in another post, a long time ago, but I really do fear being pregnant. Or maybe I just feel that when I am pregnant, I will be scared to death about birth and how painful it will be.
Living in the Real World. As of now, I live with my mom. Because, after all, I am 15. But graduating high school and going off to college scares me. My life will be drastically different.
Pain. I have an extremely low tolerance of pain. I can hardly handle a migraine! Just talking about it makes me cringe.

Throwing Up.  You're probably thinking "What?", but I am completely serious. I have never thrown up since I was a baby, so young I can't even remember what it's like. The thought of food coming up my throat and out of my mouth uncontrollably is just horrifying!
Heights. This is a pretty common fear, so I'm not going to go into it.
Stairs. I always have this sick thought in the back of my head that while I am going up, or even down, the stairs, some sick bastard is going to push me and I will hurt myself or die.

Elevators. Another common fear. I can ride an elevator without crying, but it still really scares me. I mainly get scared that the elevator will fall or get stuck.
Guys. I never want to be heart-broken over a guy. I never have and the fear of it happening is always going to be there. Even if I have been with that person for 5 years, even if I am in love with that person. Even if we get married and start a family...
Sitting in the Front Seat of a Car. You will never, and I mean NEVER find me sitting in the front seat of a car unless it is my mother driving or I am somehow forced to. Some people drive so fast that I am scared I'll pop out of my seat, go straight through the windshield and die.

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