Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Favorite Musicians (30 Days Challenge- Day 14)

Your favorite musician and why?

Oh great...
I cannot answer this one, so I'll post three of my favorites instead.
One is just too hard.
First I'd say Kate Veogele. I've mentioned her many times before but I cannot get enough of her. I don't think her career is active anymore, but I could care less! She is so incredibly talented with a natural and beautiful voice. Unlike anything I have ever heard before.
She is also so beautiful and an amazing actress.
My favorite songs from her are "Kindly Unspoken" and "No Good".
I also really love Beyonce. She has two personalities; Sasha Fierce and Beyonce. Sasha Fierce's music is more outspoken, loud and well...fierce. Beyonce's are more beautiful and peaceful. Either way her voice is angelic and she is beautiful beyond belief!
My all time favorite song from her will always be "If I Were A Boy". The meaning behind it gets me every time.
Finally, Leona Lewis. Like Kate and Beyonce, Leona Lewis is too beautiful for her own good. Her voice is so amazing. It shocks me every time she opens her mouth to hit a high note. Not only do all her songs have a beautiful meaning, but they are all memorable.
"Bleeding Love" introduced me to Leona, but I've been following her career for a while. My favorites from her are easy: "Happy" and "Better In Time".

Those are just 3 of my favorites, I also love Mariah Carey, the band Parachute, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and many more.

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